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Athletics at St. Augustine Catholic HS

St. Augustine Catholic High School facilitates academic excellence in a Catholic environment where students are encouraged to grow in Christian life through dialogue, proclamation, charitable outreach, worship, and celebration. 
St. Augustine offers a variety of sports and extracurricular activities to accommodate all students. We are committed to excellence not only in the classroom, but also on the court or field of play. To help ensure we are supporting the development of the whole person, we must actively support our students physically, spiritually, and emotionally. #GOWOLVES

Athletic Awards 2023 - 2024

ALL-State Honors
State Division V Track Champion  Martin Valencia Felix - Javelin
State Division V Track 2nd place  Martin Valencia Felix - Discus

All State 2nd team
Enrique Ruiz - Soccer

All State Honorable Mentions 
Megan Callahan - Basketball
Owen Ernle - Baseball

2A South Region Individual Recognitions
Megan Callahan - Basketball Offensive Player of the Year
Peter Dogebegah - Basketball Defensive Player of the Year

2A South Region Team Recognitions
1st Team:
Carolina Georgelous - Volleyball
Peter Dogbegah - Basketball
Andres Betancourt - Basketball and Baseball
Lourdes Gamez - Basketball
Megan Callahan - Basketball
Enrique Ruiz - Soccer
Brenda Canale - Softball
Owen Ernle - Baseball
Diego Perez - Baseball
Lance Marchessault - Mens Volleyball

2nd Team:
Cassidy Dirkherber - Volleyball
Kiersten Ball - Basketball
Carolina Georgelous - Basketball
Martin Valencia Felix - Soccer
Ramon Serrano - Soccer
Lourdes Gamez - Softball
Arianna Aldana - Softball
Ivan Mojica -  Baseball
Sergio Cordova - Baseball
Alex Martinez - Baseball
Jamison Ramsower - Mens Volleyball

Athletic Director

Mr. Reyna

Certified Athletic Trainer

All athletic training services are provided by Banner Health. There is a trainer on site for all athletic competitions. 

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Donate to St. A's Sports!!

As many of you know, Arizona ranks at the bottom of the list when it comes to state funding and education. As a result, the athletic programs usually take the brunt of this. If you would like to donate to any of our athletics programs, please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Mike Reyna


It DEFINTELY takes a village! #GOWOLVES

Regional Championships

Girls' Volleyball
 - 2017
 - 2018
 - 2019
 - 2021
 - 2021
Boys' Volleyball 
 - 2021


Visitor Protocol for Sports: Fans, Teams, & Officials

There are currently NO restrictions.