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FACTS Family Portal


1.  Click here to go to Renweb.  RenWeb will open the ParentsWeb login page in a new window.

2.  In the “District Code” field, enter “SAU-AZ”.

3.  Type in your “User Name” and “Password.”  If you have forgotten your username or     password, please click on the link provided.  You will receive an email from RenWeb   with a link to a page where you can change the password.

4.  Click the “Parent” button.

5.  Click the “Login” button.  RenWeb will log you into your account and open up the ParentsWeb home screen.

6.  On the left side, click on “Family Information.”  RenWeb will open a submenu under      “Family Information.”

7.  Click on “Enrollment /Reenrollment.”  RenWeb will open the Online Enrollment window. You should see the names of your student(s) listed.

8.  Please click on the link Start Enrollment Packet.

You can complete the online process over multiple sessions.  Your information will be saved if you need to stop and come back later.

The “Instructions and Enrollment Checklist” page of the enrollment packet contains supplemental enrollment forms that also must be submitted.  Further instructions for these forms are provided online.

You may notice that some of your information is already in place.  Simply update or replace outdated information.