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How to Navigate your FACTS billing account

How to Navigate your FACTS billing account

TIPS on using FACTS billing:

TIP #1: READ YOUR FACTS emails! It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read your emails from FACTS. We need three business days' notice to change a due date in order to stop an automatic draft from FACTS. Please email us to make a change or contact FACTS directly. We don't want you to incur a $30 NSF charge from FACTS; let us help by postponing a draw when you are not going to be ready for it. You can reach Facts by calling 1-866-441-4637.

Tip #2: Did you know that you have the option of turning OFF the auto-payment feature? You have to ask for this to be done each year if you want it. This means you will have to go into your parent portal and initiate all payments when they are due instead of FACTS drawing them directly. 

TIP #3: If you prefer to view your financial information in Spanish, you just have to go to the financial tab and click on the link to take you into FACTS billing, and on the upper right-hand corner of the screen it will let you choose Spanish instead of English.

TIP #4: If you set up your banking information with a checking or savings account and input the routing and account numbers, FACTS will NOT charge you a processing fee. If you use a Debit or Credit Card instead, FACTS will bill you a 2.85% transaction fee in addition to your payment amount.

TIP #5: You can add up to 3 (three) email addresses in your FACTS billing account for notifications. FACTS will send you an email any time a new bill is added to your FACTS account AND they will send you a notification at least 3 days before they will draw funds from your bank account when a payment is due. This gives you time to request a delay or change to the payment to be drawn. 

Any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of the accounting staff at St. Augustine Catholic High School for assistance. Ms. Gonzales at or Ms. DeLong at