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Candidate Day


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Candidate Day

What is Candidate Day?

St. Augustine invites eighth-grade students to spend the day with us to get a feel for the school and if it's a good fit for them.

Who should attend?

Any current eighth-grade student who might want to attend St. Augustine. 

Can adults attend?

No, but there will be an Open House the following Sunday, October 23rd, from 1-3pm in the school gym. Prospective families can meet faculty and staff, as well receive a campus tour. 

How should we register?

Fill out the registration form online. 

How much does it cost?

Absolutely free

Where is it?

St. Augustine Catholic High School
8800 East 22nd Street

St. Augustine is located at 22nd Street and Camino Seco in a beautiful desert oasis.

Drop off and pick up will be outside the gym.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive no later than 7:30 a.m.  The doors open for check-in at 7:30 a.m. and the program ends at 12:30pm.

What time does it end?

The event ends at 12:30 p.m.  Please pick up your student by 12:30.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, the St. Augustine bus picks up and drops from St. John the Evangelist, Santa Cruz, and St. Ambrose. 

Where should we park?

The easiest choice is to drop off your student in front of the gym.  If you would like to accompany your student to check in, please park in the parking lot in front of the gym.

Do we need permission slips?

When you register, your registration includes permission from the parents

What's the dress code?

If your student normally wears a uniform to school, please wear that uniform top with jeans (no jean shorts or ripped/faded jeans).  If the student does not have a school uniform, he or she should wear a solid colored shirt.  

What to bring?

Bring nothing.  We will provide everything you need, including water, lunch, and any supplies.  If you must bring a phone, please turn it off and keep it out of sight.

What's for lunch?

What else?  Pizza, of course.  If you have a food allergy that prevents you from eating pizza, please bring a lunch or contact the Admissions Department to discuss options.

Who runs Candidate Day?

Candidate Day is organized by the Admissions Department, but the entire faculty, staff, and administration participate.  St. Augustine students volunteer to come in on a day off from school to help as Ambassadors.  They are the guides and leaders for our visitors.

What happens at Candidate Day?

The day is spent meeting teachers and participating in engaging activities.  Don't worry, there won't be a quiz, and the teachers like to showcase fun stuff.

Lunch will be provided at 12pm in the school cafeteria. During this, candidates can meet and chat with Student Ambassadors to get an unvarnished view of the school from students who live it every day.  Ambassadors are encouraged to be frank and to share their honest opinions.  We'd love to have everyone attend St. Augustine, but only if it's a good fit for your student and your family.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the Admissions Department at or (520) 751-8300.

Who should I call if I urgently need to reach my child at the event?

Please call our main office at (520) 751-8300.

How do we apply to St. Augustine?

Please visit the Admissions section of our Website for information and to apply online.