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Financial Aid Information

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September 14th, 2023 at 6pm


Financial Aid Information


23-24 Scholarship Information


The New Empowerment Scholarship is NOT an STO: The ESA is a different state program for all families not enrolled in a public/charter school. If you accept an ESA scholarship, you are NOT eligible to receive any other types of funding such as STO scholarships/Donor funds. They do not typically cover the full tuition costs at St. Augustine CHS. This may be a great option for families that do not qualify for corporate types of scholarships. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our finance team to discuss this option to see if it will be the best fit for your family.


2023-24 AZ State Tax-Credit Tuition Scholarship Information:
Primary Organizations we work with at St. Augustine:
  1. Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO) - We encourage all of our families to apply to FAIR to determine scholarship eligibility. CTSO offers all four types of scholarships, D/D has a separate application. Start Applying Jan. 1, ($19 fee)  (schoolcode:800, password:ctso800, once in the application select school code 805 for St. Augustine CHS)
  2. Institute for Better Education (IBE)-This fund is available to all students, all 4 types of scholarships are available. D/D has a separate application. They have a Recommended Fund Program. Family and friends can designate your student as recipient of their donation. 
  3. Brophy Community Foundation - Only offers Corporate type of scholarships. Opens February 1st with a deadline of May 1. Application fee is $35.00. (They use FACTS Grant and Aid Division-not your normal FACTS account.)
  4. Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF)-Also known as the Geico scholarship. Applications open mid-April. Very strict guidelines and deadline of June 15.  They only offer Corporate and D/D types. D/D has a separate. Both applications are done online at
  5. Arizona Tuition Connection (ATC)-This organization deals mostly with donor based designations, similar to IBE. They offer 3 of 4 types of awards and applications open at the end of May. If already in their system, they will send you a renewal form to fill out via email in May. Apply and learn about their donor program at 
  6. Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)-Opens the application process early on January 15 each year for the fall semester through TADS. ($35 fee) Apply right away; they are a First come-First Serve STO! (Priority given to those already in their system) NOTE: If you did receive ASCT in 22-23 SY make sure you apply for 23-24 so you don't lose this scholarship!
Great News!!! AAA will now allow stacking. Meaning you can accept both AAA and other STO scholarships at the same time. Families currently on a AAA type of scholarship please make sure you also apply to other STO's for the 23/24 school year.