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Tuition Information

2019-2020 Tuition Information


Per pupil full tuition:  $10,770.
Beneficiary monies: $1,445 (does not apply to international students)
Net Family Tuition due: $9,325

Potential Discounts:

  • $100/family/year Catholic parish discount (requires Catholic Parish Verification Form signed by your pastor) Click here for form 
  • $150/2nd, 3rd, and 4th sibling also attending St. Augustine

We are blessed to have financial support from benefactors and from fundraisers to keep your family commitment lower than the per pupil tuition. Your continued support of these fundraisers and in raising tax credit dollars provides vital tuition assistance and is very much appreciated.

Fees: (not included in tax credit scholarships)


March 1, 2019
Registration: $200/family. ; non-refundable; students may not attend classes until fee is paid. 
May 17, 2019
           Technology/Curriculum: $300 per student for device, e-textbooks, software and infrastucture.  
August 16, 2019
 Activities: $150 per student. Includes one sports team and all other clubs, groups, retreats and other activities on campus. Second sports team fee is an additional $150. 
October 25, 2019     
Yearbook: $55/book All families are billed in FACTS. Please contact the Finance  epartment if you do NOT want a yearbook. 
January 2020    
 Mandatory Spring Raffle Tickets:  Per family. To help close the gap between tuition and the actual  per- student cost to educate, we require that all famiies participate in the annual raffle. Each family is obligated to sell a book of 10 tickets for $100, $10/ticket) Cash prize drawings will be anounced at the annual Western BBQ in the spring. 
February 7, 2020     
     Senior Fee: (senior students only): $275 per graduating student. This fee includes cap & gown, diploma, graduation mug, four tickets to the senior dinner, processing, Baccalaureate service, and  graduation ceremony.
Prices vary. Ordered and paid through Screen Craze. Check handbook for specific requirements and acceptable alternatives. The parent group sells used uniforms for a reduced rate throughout the year. Check with the office for availability. 
 Lunch program is ordered one month in advance and payment is due with order. Lunch meal options vary in cost, but never more than $5/day for main lunch. At this time, St. Augustine does not have a free/reduced lunch program. 
Bus Fee: $10 per week, per FAMILY-whether ride 1 day or all 5 days each week. Billed monthly based upon bus driver's log of bus attendance. Students using the bus in both morning AND afternoon pay  $20/week.
 AP Exam Fee: $98 per class for AP Honor Classes, test in May-billed in March. This test allows colleges to give the proper AP weight to these courses. Fee must be paid if the class is taken.

Parent Service Hours

This is a per-family requirement. The hours listed below cover all siblings. 

Two-parent household                                           40 hours/year

Deployed-parent household                                20 hours/year

Single-parent household                                       20 hours/year

Half of the hours need to be worked in each semester. Unfulfilled obligations are billed at $10 per unworked hour at the end of each semester. Billing is in Janary and May. If you have unworked hours at the end of the fall semester, you may fulfill them in the spring by prior arrangement. 

There are may opportunities throughout the year to be involved in activities that work into your schedule and use your many gifts and talents to assist the school. Your participation helps keep costs lower. Other family members can contribute to these hours. 

To download information about tuition and fees, click here: Tuition sheet 

For information in Spanish, click here: Tuition in Spanish



Typical Total Costs for International Students: 

                                                                   Tuition per student                                                        $10,770

                                                                   Registration fee                                                                      200

                                                                   Technology fee                                                                        300

                                                                   Activity fee                                                                                150

                                                                   Second sport                                                                            150

                                                                   Senior fee                                                                                  275

                                                                   Bus                                                                                              780

                                                                   Yearbook                                                                                     55

                                                                   1 AP exam                                                                                   98



To download the International student contract: click here