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National School Lunch Program

National School Lunch ProgramĀ 

National School Lunch Program 

**For a copy of the March lunch offerings, click here: Lunch**

St. Augustine Catholic High School will be participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
and/or the SFSP Summer Lunch Program. As part of this program, St. Augustine Catholic High School
will offer healthy meals every school day. NSLP Lunch will cost $4.00. Your children may qualify for free or
reduced-price meals. Reduced-price meals cost [$0.40] for lunch.

NOTE: For the 20-21 school year, St. Augustine Catholic High School will participate as a “Closed/Enrolled”
campus in the SFSP Simplified Lunch program and the cost will be FREE for ALL enrolled students. You
must pre-order online through your parent portal to receive a meal.

*NOTE: COVID-related Guidelines for the 20-21 School Year:

The USDA has granted a waiver for the 20-21 school year to allow schools the option to choose the SFSP
(Simplified Summer Food Program) or stay with the NSLP (National School Lunch Program). The NSLP
program requires all standard compliance to document and charge accordingly those students that
qualify for either Free, Reduced Price, or Full Price lunches. Reimbursement is made to the school based
upon the number of “Reimbursable Lunches” served throughout each month. The SFSP allows the
schools to accept all students to be in a “Free” status during the time period allowed.

What this means for St. Augustine students is that ALL students will be allowed to receive a FREE meal
throughout the entire 20-21 school year (beginning September 1). No family will be billed for a meal,
whether you have pre-qualified already as Free, Reduced price, or Full price status.
Yes, students are free to also bring their lunch and are NOT required to take a lunch prepared by the
school catering company, Nutrition One.

What is a Reimbursable Meal?

What is a Reimbursable Meal?

The USDA school lunch program has many guidelines that schools must follow to provide healthy meals to all students. There are five (5) basic food components that make up a “reimbursable” meal. For high schools, 3 of the 5 items must be served to be counted as a “reimbursable” meal. There are some options for the students, but at least one item must be a ½ cup portion of a fruit or vegetable. The other 2 components are full size servings of any two other items. The student can take all 5 components being served.

The 5 components are:

1. Meat or Meat Alternative

2. Grain

3. Fruit

4. Vegetable

5. Milk

If a student does not take at least three items with one being a fruit or vegetable, the school cannot count the meal served as a “reimbursable” meal. In other words, while the students and families are receiving the meal for no cost, there is still a cost to the school and the catering company to provide the food, but USDA will only reimburse for a meal that is at least the required 3 of 5 components. That is why they will see someone looking over their meal when they pick it up to make sure we can count it as a full meal.

Each component is required to be a part of a larger daily and weekly meal plan guideline. There are some options, but they must fit within the plan. For example, there are daily calorie and salt content guidelines, and weekly types of vegetables that must be offered. Many factors must be considered to stay within the guidelines for the school to be qualified as an NSLP eligible school meal site.

Working with a catering company, instead of preparing meals at the school campus, does limit our ability to change the menu quickly, but Nutrition One is open to suggestions. We recommend trying the meals and offering feedback so that we can make adjustments to the menu.


Share table: Under normal times, a share table would be made available after a student takes a meal, if they do not want an item, they can place it on the share table before going to their seat. If another student wishes to have an additional item, they can take from the share table, at no additional cost. During the COVID-19 Restricted time, no share table will be made available. All students are given all 5 components of the meal. If they do not want to consume an item, they may take home with them to be eaten later, or discard the item. We cannot allow the students to be handling individual items (like milk cartons) and placing them on a share table to be potentially contaminated. When COVID restrictions are released, we will go back to the share table setup.